Ayşe Aslı Sezgin, Tuğba YOLCU


Internet is the most important source of access to the information needed in the new life environment of the information society. This environment, which is formed by the traditional environment through the internet and is called new environment created by the intense influence of the Internet in the everyday relationships, has given a different perspective to the living order of the individual in society, especially with its interactive structure. This point of view is felt in almost every field of society. Informationalism, with its effects from social, economic life to cultural life, is increasingly becoming a subject for researches. In this study, the change social media, which is evaluated within the concept of informationalism and which represents a new and rich communication environment has made on the concept of democracy, has been evaluated with a critical point of view within the framework of the concept of netocracy.

Keywords: Informationalism, internet, new media, democracy, netocracy.

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