Content Analysıs Of Job Postıngs On Employees In The Fıeld Of Socıal Medıa: Case Of London And Istanbul

Mikail BAT, Melodi ERKAN


Social media tools cover more place in the lives of employees every day. The interest of users also directs the institutions into this field and social media becomes a virtual environment where institutional communication is actively built. As the environment is limitless and always open for creativity, establishing and managing its content necessitates professionalism. So, the institutions have started to search for experts who have developed themselves with different sectoral experiences. This can be clearly seen in the job postings on social media experts.

This study is conducted in order to reveal the characteristics required from social media employees in the United Kingdom and Turkey. The main research question of this study is to understand the similarities and differences among the social media employees in the United Kingdom and Turkey. Within this context, the posts related with social media positions submitted at an international job website,, between August and September 2015 and for Istanbul and London are investigated with content analysis method. The latest 50 posts (100 in total) according to the date of posting for both cities have been evaluated. As a result of the analysis of posts; different aspects required from social media employees were determined. These are flexible working hours, being an active social media user, implementing creative campaigns; also military status, ability to speak foreign language and gender. Also, the posts were evaluated in general and some results were reached.

Key Words: Social Media, Social Media Expert, Social Media Expert Job Posting.

Key Words: Social Media, Social Media Specialist.

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